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Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease?

Parkinson's disease is a progressive nervous system disease that slowly robs people of their ability to move and think. 

Current treatments for Parkinson's disease address symptoms, including stiffness, slowness, and mood disorders, to make day-to-day life more manageable, but do nothing to halt the disease's progression. 

While training with Parkinson's clients, I realized how exercise and movement increase mobility, balance, gait, and strength, consequently improving daily living activities. Compelled to learn more about Parkinson's specific exercises, I became a certified Rock Steady Boxing (RBS) coach,, a program emphasizing gross motor movements, using boxing drills and combinations focusing on the concept of intense forced exercise to slow down the progression.


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We love Sabine’s Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s class!  My husband is a Parkinson’s patient and we were fortunate enough to find Sabine’s class, and we now both participate in the class together.  She keeps us moving to great music and makes it fun by incorporating boxing moves, light weights, balance, core, and cardio, so we get an overall body workout! Sabine is very compassionate and caring and is passionate about keeping us healthy and modifies moves to fit all levels as well as any injuries you might have. It’s a great group and we have made some great friends! 
~ Sandy & Larry Tedrow, Glenelg, MD
Sabine and her class has given me the confidence to keep moving.  Her patient and kind method is always reassuring. She is invested in this program and in her "clients" friends.  I am so appreciative of Rock Steady and Sabine!

~ Marianna Simonton

What a delight to have found Sabine Evans with her many years of teaching experience and her ability to motivate us in her Rock Steady Parkinson’s program. Her inspiration, energy, and concerns for all her participants is so welcomed and appreciated. The program offers a range of exercises, some weights, and boxing moves that keep you moving, without getting bored. You actually feel the benefits right after the class. Not only is it a good class but there is a wonderful connection among all the participants. 
~ Charles Gueli

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