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Do you want to get back in shape, tone muscles, and lose weight? 

This 45-minute class leaves you with an enjoyable, engaging, and rewarding experience.

The Fit Boxing classes are for EVERYBODY! 

This program will benefit you regardless of your fitness level, limitations, or injuries. No previous experience in boxing is required, and no punching bags are necessary for online classes. 
Increase your cardiovascular endurance, boost metabolism, and build strong ABS while having fun!

Music is an essential component of having a blast in this workout.

The classes are fueled by the top 40 hits of every month. Let the music carry you! 

Members are encouraged to bring referrals to our sessions, and their first class will be FREE of charge.


MONDAYS 6:00 PM- 6:45 PM (EST) Program Date 06/10 - 06/29
8 sessions
$180 online / $200 In-Person


FRIDAYS 9:30 AM- 10:15 AM (EST) Program Date 06/07-08/02 
no class on 07/05
8 sessions
$180 online / $200 In-Person

In- Person $30 per class                                               Online $25  per class                    

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