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- Do I need any experience attending the Fit Boxing class?
This class is suitable for all fitnesses levels and without knowledge of boxing techniques.


- I'm out of shape and just getting back into a cardio workout. Can I keep up with cardiovascular endurance?
This small group class is tailored to everyone's needs and fitness levels. At any time, you can take a break and come back when you are ready to continue.

- I had an injury/post-surgery, and I'm afraid to get re-injured.
You need permission from your doctor or Physical Therapist to attend this class (see liability waiver form). Once you are cleared, I will show you how to modify the moves. Don't try to keep up with everyone else, and listen to your body.

- What should I eat before class?
I recommend not eating a heavy meal 2 hours before class. A light snack, fruit, or protein bar is better for your stomach to digest.

- Do I need boxing gloves to attend the class?
I will provide gloves, but I recommend buying your own once you are a regular attendant.

- I'm not coordinated, and I'm worried I can't understand the dancing combinations.
I will show you simple modifications, and after a couple of classes, your brain is learning a motor skill and will remember the moves, so you don't have to think about it anymore. Most importantly, have fun and let the music carry you!


- What do I need to bring to class?
A water bottle and towel.

- What is Fit Boxing
Fit Boxing combines boxing techniques and dance moves, incorporating calisthenics and plyometric exercises. 


- Do I need a bag to participate online?
There is no need for a punching bag, and you will get a great workout using light weights or just shadow box to the music.


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