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I'm passionate about helping you to be the best version of yourself. Everything starts in your mind. What you think, is what you will become.
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Sabine's classes are always challenging and fun. The music is always the right mix to get you sweating in her class. Her classes are designed to push you to your limits with her energy and motivation. I'm a coach with two kids and I look for Sabine's classes when I want to have a fun, challenging workout and de-stress. When I see Sabine, she motivates me to do better and try harder!
~ Kim D.

I love this class! It's an amazing full-body cardio workout with emphasis on upper body strength. Sabine has a wonderful playlist of top 40 songs that keeps your body in motion, and her rapid change-ups keep you thinking and focused. I do class 3 times a week and can't wait to get to class. This live streaming format works so well.
~ Jeff Goldstein

My daughter (age 14) and I have been participating in Sabine's fit boxing classes for about 1.5 years.  Every week we look forward to her classes since they are such high energy and fun!  Sabine constantly modifies her classes to add new music and new boxing moves to eliminate boredom.  Her music is high energy and keeps us bopping throughout the entire class.  She is constantly pushing us to improve our form and challenges us to work towards a higher level of performance.  Since COVID, Sabine has been offering the community Zoom classes to help us maintain our fitness.  During this time, both my daughter and I have each lost at least 10 pounds!  I definitely recommend Sabine's classes to both teens and adults.  She makes it enjoyable for all ages!
~ Lisa Forand