Online group sessions are 45 minutes per class, leaving you an enjoyable, engaging, and rewarding experience every time.

You will burn up to 800 calories per class with high-intensity cardio and boxing combinations.  My goal is to increase your metabolism and burn calories while having fun, during these challenging times.


Music is an essential component to having a blast in your workout. The classes are fueled by the top 40 hits of every month. Let the music carry you! 

  • Members are encouraged to bring referrals to our sessions and their first class will be FREE of charge.

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Want to get toned ABS?

In this 20 minute workout, you'll use all of the muscles in your abs incorporating an exercise ball and light weights. By doing these whole-body movements, you'll build strength in your abs and work on endurance and stability.

Cardi0 FIT Boxing Online Classes